Web Design

What is Web Development ?

Web development is the building and maintenance of websites; it’s the work that happens behind the scenes to make a website look great, work fast and perform well with a seamless user experience.

Web developers, or ‘devs’, do this by using a variety of coding languages. The languages they use depends on the types of tasks they are preforming and the platforms on which they are working.

Key Features

  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Accessible to All Users
  • Well Planned Information Architecture
  • Well-Formatted Content That Is Easy to Scan
  • Fast Load Times

Scope of Web Developers in particular Domain

  • Understanding the digital world.
  • Lessons of project management.
  • High Return on Investment with Low Cost
  • User Base is Larger

  • What is web Development
  • Advantages of web development
  • tools used for web development
  • features of web development
  • Comparing different web technologies
  • Accordion Sample Description
  • The Basics of HTTP
  • HTML the Language of the Web
  • Basic HTML Tags
  • Coding Style
  • Serving Your Web Page
  • Accordion Sample Description
  • Getting Started with Styles
  • Creating Tag & Class Styles
  • Creating Styles to Format Images
  • Reviewing CSS Code
  • Understanding Page Properties
  • Creating Divs with ID Styles
  • Understanding the Box Model
  • Comparing Margins & Padding
  • Viewing CSS in Various Browsers
  • Creating a Page from a Template
  • Calculating CSS Spacing
  • Using External Style Sheets
  • Discuss the usage and services provided by Internet
  • Describe different browsers
  • Differentiate between web server, web page and web site
  • Compare CGI with Java Scripts
  • using conditional statements
  • Use window object
  • What Are Javascript And Jquery
  • Document Object Model (DOM) And Jquery
  • Selecting And Manipulating Elements
  • Jquery API
  • Browser Event Model
  • Customizing the Insert Bar
  • Use the Properties Inspector & the Tag Selector
  • Reviewing Menu Options & Preferences
  • Comparing the Macintosh & PC Interfaces
  • Previewing in Browsers & Device Central
  • Introducing Frames
  • Creating a Frameset
  • Opening Pages into Frames
  • Controlling Scrollbars & Borders
  • Viewing Behaviors in a Browser
  • Introducing the Behaviors Panel
  • Inserting Rollover Images
  • Using the Swap Image Behavior
  • Using the Show-Hide Elements Behavior
  • What is Domain ?
  • Introduction to DNS
  • How to register a Domain ?
  • What is web hosting ?
  • How to get a web hosting ?
  • Host your website on web Server
  • FTP Introduction
  • FTP Commands Viewing Files and Directories
  • FTP Commands Transfer and Rename files
  • FTP with WS FTP Windows

Course Content

Web Development

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